High DensityTri-fold Futon Mattresses


We are a 3rd generation Father & Son Futon business serving Southern California for the past 45 years. Everything we make is 100% made in the USA.

We originally came up with the idea to make excellent quality tri-fold futons when my family & I lived in Japan for many years & during our stay we slept on what is called (Shikibuton)

Word of mouth has been our family's biggest success because we only make extremely high density beds made from Solid Medical Foam that will last for years, we don't use any springs or pieces of cotton that can cause damage to your spine.

We make one style of futon which is our Tri-Folding Futon and we make them in two sizes, (Single Size) and (Double size). Both futons are the exact same length but the Double provides you with extra width.